The Balearic Islands Coastal Ocean Observing and Forecasting System -SOCIB-, is a Marine Research Infrastructure, a multi-platform and integrated ocean observing and forecasting system that provides streams of data, added value products, and forecasting services from the coast to the open ocean (Tintor√© et al., 2013). 
SOCIB activities are grouped around three main areas that follow the GOOS themes: climate, ocean health, and operational services. 


Feedback from the First Certification Support Workshop for Data Repositories

"Now I have a clearer idea of all the follow-up actions in order to apply for the CoreTrustSeal Certification for the SOCIB data repository" - Inmaculada Ruiz - Data Manager at SOCIB, during the First Certification Support Workshop for Data Repositories, 14 February 2020



SOCIB is receiving support for the CoreTrustSeal certification


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