A key challenge for FAIRsFAIR is to ensure that project activities dovetail with those of the EOSC Working Groups and feed into and complement the activities of other projects in the research data and FAIR space. The Synchronisation Force has been set up to maintain a dialogue across the EOSC and FAIR ecosystems so as to maximise collaboration, minimise duplication, and promote adherence to Turning FAIR into Reality, the final report and action plan from the European Commission expert group on FAIR data.


Synchronisation Force Workshop Series

To develop and track overall FAIR uptake over the life of the project, the Synchronisation Force organised and documented the outcomes from three workshops with FAIR stakeholders. These outcomes in turn informed recommendations published in Autumn 2021 as a white paper.

First Synchronisation Force Workshop - Budapest, Hungary 25 November 2019

The objective of the workshop was to open the dialogue between Synchronisation Force members and relevant stakeholders and agree on shared priorities.

Key Recommendations

  • Create a system of information sharing between projects
  • Table policy recommendations regarding acknowledgement and citation within the framework of data reuse
  • Synchronise survey design across projects and share results and analysis
  • Share the FAIRsFAIR work on Terminology for FAIR developed as part of activities on FAIR Semantics
  • Integrate the work of the FAIR WG on PIDs into the wider PID-related work of FAIRsFAIR
  • Foster engagement with the ESFRI cluster projects

First Report of the Synchronisation Force

Read an overview of the workshop proceedings

2nd Synchronisation Force Workshop - online, 29 April - 11 June 2020

Ultimately held online between 29 April until 11 June 2020 as a series of eight sessions with EOSC Working Group representatives, partners in INFRAEOSC5 and ESFRI cluster projects, and members of the FAIRsFAIR European Group of FAIR Champions, the second workshop aimed to measure progress towards implementing the recommendations outlined in the Turning FAIR into Reality report.

Key Recommendations

  • EOSC Governance to facilitate additional activities in under-represented areas (Recommendations 6, 8, 11, 13) through EOSC co-creation, Horizon Europe funding or other initiatives
  • Supporting recommendation 23 to be reclassified as a priority recommendation
  • Gaps to be addressed in the Turning FAIR into Reality Action Plan

Second Report of the Synchronisation Force

► Read the Summary Overview

Access the full suite of workshop recordings and presentations

► Read the Blog post by Marjan Grootveld, DANS, FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force

3rd Synchronisation Force Workshop - online, 29 April until 10 June 2021

Building on the results from the first and second workshops and continuing the dialogue with its stakeholders, FAIRsFAIR organised the third Synchronisation Force workshops as a series of online sessions, starting April 29th with an orientation session and concluding on June 10th.

Third Report of the Synchronisation Force | Recommendations for a FAIR EOSC - White Paper

3rd Synchronisation Force Workshop event page

Welcome message by Ingrid Dillo, FAIRsFAIR coordinator




Turning FAIR into Reality - status of Recommendations at July 2021

FAIRsFAIR Recommendations towards Turning FAIR into Reality Report


FAIRsFAIR primary stakeholders in the EOSC Ecosystem

FAIRsFAIR EOSC stakeholders - July 2021

Synchronisation Force Members

The Synchonisation Force is lead by Ingrid Dillo and Marjan Grootveld (DANS), Simone Hodson (CODATA) and Sara Pittonet Gaiarin (Trust-IT Services) and includes representatives of all FAIRsFAIR Work Packages:

  • WP 2     Jessica Parland-von Essen and Josefine Nordling, CSC
  • WP 3     Joy Davidson and Angus Whyte, DCC
  • WP 4     Ilona von Stein, DANS and Hervé L’Hours, University of Essex
  • WP 5     Sara Pittonet, Trust-IT Services and Vanessa Proudman, SPARC Europe
  • WP 6     Elizabeth Newbold, STFC and Hugh Shanahan, Royal Holloway University of London
  • WP 7     Lennart Stoy, EUA, and Bregt Saenen, EUA

For information please contact Marjan Grootveld at DANS.