ACME-FAIR is a 7-part guide for Research Performing Organisations (RPO) available on Zenodo.


The overall purpose of ACME-FAIR is to help those managing and delivering relevant professional services to self-assess how they are enabling researchers and their colleagues to do just that. Each part deals with one of the key issues that Research Performing Organisations (RPO) face in establishing the capabilities to put the FAIR principles into practice. It is informed by the projects engagement with community initiatives to ‘turn FAIR into Reality’, and by the report of the same name. We recommend that universities, institutes and other RPO consider providing these capabilities as vital steps towards ‘FAIR-enabling practice’. Each of the 7 guides has a thematic introduction, an overview of the relevant capabilities, and a rubric for assessing the levels of maturity and community engagement for each capability. 

Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4 Issue #5 Issue #6 Issue #7
Defining the Policy Environment

Developing sustainable business models 

Professionalising Roles through Training, Mentoring, and Recognition

Supporting Data Management Planning: ACME-FAIR

Defining Data Interoperability Frameworks Selecting Data, Services, and Repositories for FAIR Ensuring Trustworthy Curation



The guides have been revised following public consultation, and an evaluation by University of Helsinki colleagues. Future revisions will be led by Digital Curation Centre, and we welcome further comments via this feedback form.


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