The community is the ICOS Carbon Portal community of station PIs that have their data processed and curated and users of the data worldwide. Data users are partly the same community of PIs for their science on the systems they study locally;  but also modellers of Earth 's climate system, dynamic vegetation models, forestry and crop scientists, atmospheric inversion modellers and Earth Observation data providers.  


Feedback from the First Certification Support Workshop for Data Repositories

"It was good to meet representatives of other selected repositories and to see that there will be support for us in the process of application. My conclusion after the day was that it will take some effort to get the required documentation together for evaluation, and it will lead to a constant update of our data-workflow, but in the long term it will be certainly beneficial for the (re-)use of our data. With the support from FAIRsFAIR I expect that we can submit soon our application for the CTS" - Harry Lankreijer - Lund University,  during the First Certification Support Workshop for Data Repositories, 14 February 2020




ICOS is receiving support for the CoreTrustSeal certification

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