Additional guidance to the Science Europe DMP assessment rubric
21 February 2022


It is important to include the FAIR principles at an early stage in the research process. Planning for FAIR data in a Data Management Plan (DMP) facilitates a greater understanding of the necessary steps to take to make data FAIR.

FAIRsFAIR has been working to create guidance on how to use FAIR explicit criteria in DMP creation and review, by extracting guidance information from the FAIR-Aware tool and integrating them into the Science Europe DMP evaluation rubric. This new guidance document is now available on Zenodo for researchers and data stewards who wish to have a more explicit focus and understanding of FAIR data in the planning phase.

The FAIRsFAIR guidance document builds on Science Europe’s ‘Practical Guide to the International Alignment of Research Data Management’ (January 2021). It can best be seen as a FAIR-focused addition to the broader scope of the guidelines included in this publication.

Science Europe has been consulted on and provided feedback to the FAIRsFAIR guidance document. The members of the Science Europe Working Group on Open Science and its preceding Working Group on Data Sharing and Supporting Infrastructures that first created the Practical Guide have evaluated and provided input to the document to align it with their guidance, rubric, and vision.

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