29 April 2020 - 12:00
The Hague, The Netherlands

20 March 2020 update

As a necessary response to the COVID19 epidemic outbreak and the recent travel restrictions, we are obliged to inform you that the FAIRsFAIR2020 event and all related workshops have been cancelled, including the second workshop of the Synchronisation Force (originally scheduled for the 29th of April).


In order to ensure that the objectives of the workshop—to discuss and compare the FAIR oriented activity of a number of projects and initiatives in Europe—are achieved, we will instead be holding the event as a series of virtual workshop sessions. Representatives of the Working Groups of the EOSC Executive Board, FAIR representatives from ESFRI clusters, FAIR Task Force representatives from INFRAEOSC5 projects, and FAIR Champions will be invited to participate in a series of virtual workshop sessions, to be run weekly from late April (day and time to be confirmed) around the Turning FAIR into Reality Recommendations and how they are contributing to the EOSC and FAIR vision in Europe.

The coordination of the organisation of this virtual programme will be facilitated by the FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force and updates will be provided in the following days.

In addition, the leaders of FAIRsFAIR work packages who had planned co-located workshop(s) are organising webinars and virtual meetings. Please stay tuned for updates over the coming days on all of this, too.

In these peculiar times where an overabundance of online meetings and webinars is becoming the new normal, we’ll do our best to keep this activity as engaging, stimulating and as light as possible.  The online format will allow us to conduct this activity in a structured and efficient way, so that FAIR stakeholders and the FAIRsFAIR project will have an enhanced view of FAIR activity across Europe and can identify specific and targeted opportunities for collaboration and synchronisation across our multiple efforts.

The FAIRsFAIR team


The FAIR principles make a clear distinction between data and their metadata. Metadata has acrucial role in providing information about data so that potential data users will be able to decidewhether the data match their needs. In a globally distributed data scenario, the possibility tointeract with different repositories commonly improves interoperability and, therefore, results inefficiency gains to all involved stakeholders.This FAIRsFAIR task 2.3 workshop aims at discussing standard interfaces for metadatainteraction. From work on FAIR Data Point, which is the basis for this work, we already have aninterface specification with the related metadata structure. This specification is the scope of thediscussions for the workshop. Three elements are relevant when discussing metadatainteroperability, (i) common metadata content structure, (ii) common metadata presentationformat, and (iii) common metadata interaction interfaces.The discussion will focus on these interfaces for generic data repositories. Additionally, in themorning, we will have the T2.2 workshop that will work on a sketch for semantic artefactmetadata schema for semantic repositories. We intend to take the opportunity to discuss withthem during our workshop if the interfaces we are proposing also fit their needs and how to fitthe metadata schema they had worked out in our interface model.


Developers from the FAIRsFAIR selected development repositories and tester repositories aswell as developers from semantic artefact repositories.

Preliminary Agenda

  • 12:00-13:00 Lunch Room: 305/307 at NWO
  • 13:00-17:30 Workshop - including coffee break Room: V8 at DANS
  • 18:30 Social dinner (TBD)

This Workshop is taking part during the The FAIRsFAIR 2020 meeting. Know more