17 February 2022
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Increasing the findability of data is crucial for realising a  FAIR ecosystem in which shared research data can be accessed, reused, and cited. Metadata catalogues play a central role in making individual repository holdings visible to aggregator services. However, integrating metadata catalogues is hindered by a lack of common standards. This webinar will provide an overview of Data Catalogue Vocabulary (DCAT) and demonstrate its potential role in supporting catalogue integration. DCAT is a W3C standard that was initially oriented towards governmental data but has been extended to cover research data. DCAT v3 is the latest version, and a summary of the changes will be provided during the webinar.

Registration is free and open to all however the main audience is data repositories and aggregator service providers wishing to make metadata catalogues more visible and interoperable. Data stewards and developers may also find the session informative.



Welcome and introduction – Joy Davidson, FAIRsFAIR


Overview of FAIRsFAIR metadata catalogue integration recommendations  - Simon Lambert, STFC  and Eva Mendez, UC3M 


The Data Catalogue Vocabulary (DCAT). This talk will highlight the role of DCAT in supporting metadata catalogue integration and provide a summary of changes in DCAT v3 - Peter Winstanley, Semantic Arts and Alejandra Gonzalez Beltran, STFC 




Wrap up – Joy Davidson, FAIRsFAIR

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