18 May 2020

How can you make your data FAIR? In this webinar, Anca Vlad — data repository administrator at UK Data Service — will share tools and resources applying to the entire data lifecycle.

The knowledge she will share is based on her experience at the UK Data Service. Anca will use, among others, the SSHOC’s EMM Survey Registry, a consolidated database of quantitative surveys on ethnic and migrant minorities studies, as an example.

Webinar attendees will benefit from:

  • A brief introduction to the EMM Survey Registry;
  • An overview of FAIR data publishing standards;
  • Introduction to tools and resources for producing and publishing good quality FAIR data, including a short demonstration;
  • In-depth look at an open-source tool that produces a ‘health check’ report, aiding with curating and anonymising data. 
  • We encourage researchers, librarians or anyone else interested in improving the quality of their FAIR data to attend.

Visit the official webinar webpage on SSHOC website to know more

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