The DaSCH repository is designed for complex, qualitative data systems including bitstream objects (like digital images, sound or movie data formats), within the national Swiss humanity research community. The main goals of the DaSCH are the long-term data preservation and permanent access to research data in order to keep them available for further research. 
Swiss researcher mainly in the field of humanities with complex, qualitative data connected to bitstream objects.


Feedback from the First Certification Support Workshop for Data Repositories

"My expectations were fully satisfied by the workshop and the FairsFair team...We received lots of hints and tips, how things can be optimized and streamlined. We also learned that there is not only one correct way to fill in the certification forms, but there is flexibility in the way to outline the relevant processes and situations. I would like to thank the organizers and the FairsFair team for this rewarding event.". - Gabriela Kuster Vettiger - Digital Humanities Lab, during the First Certification Support Workshop for Data Repositories, 14 February 2020



DaSCH is receiving support for the CoreTrustSeal certification


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