University of Helsinki

Eetu Mäkelä is a professor in Human Sciences – Computing Interaction at the University of Helsinki. At the Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities, he leads a group seeking to develop computational tools to support humanities and social science research. Therein his personal interests lie in exploring the challenges posed to computer science by the complex data and questions inherent in the social sciences and the humanities. For his work, he has won a total of 18 awards, including multiple open data and open science awards for refining, integrating, publishing and using heterogeneous open data. He also has a proven track record in creating systems fit for continued use by their audience.


I can act as a liaison to scholars in the social science and humanities. I’ve done a lot of data-centric research there, so know the particular quirks, needs and problems of data for those fields. I also have a background in Linked Data, so if you ever need the opinion of a disgruntled former snake-oil salesman regarding those technologies, contact me.

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