Delft University of Technology

  • Alastair Dunning,
  • Head of 4TU.ResearchData
  • Head of Research Data Services, TU Delft

Alastair Dunning is the Head of 4TU.ResearchData (, a data repository for all researchers in science, engineering and design). He is also Head of Research Data Services at Delft University of Technology).

AT TU Delft, he initiated the groundbreaking Data Stewardship project, to embed research data experts in each faculty of the TU Delft Campus university. He has also created the university policy framework for research data. (  He also contributes to the university’s Vision on Integrity. Within the Netherlands, he has contributed to the National Platform on Open Science, written on the FAIR principles ( and is part of the National Coordination Point for RDM. Internationally, Alastair helped instigate the group explore Research Data Management in Engineering (  

Previously, he worked at the cultural heritage platform Europeana, and the UK educational charity Jisc. His broader professional concerns are the decapitating the hydra of non-interoperability, slaying the demon of poor usability, and uncovering the elixir of sustainability.